Blame It On the Baby

It’s okay.  Really.  Having a baby wreaks havoc on a body.  The hormonal changes alone are enough to make you a little crazy.  And then there’s the stretching followed by the shrinking followed by the, “OMG, what happened to my breasts/abdomen/buttocks/thighs (take your pick)?!”  We have designated our office as a safe haven for mothers who have had it with the untoward physical changes wrought by pregnancy.  You want to come in and get it off your chest, literally and figuratively?  Feel free.  Wanna let it all hang out?  We won’t tell anyone.  We’re here to help.  We’ll listen, sympathize, and provide a warm, comfortable place.  On top of that, we can show you how to get even, how to make a few changes and build a better birthday suit.  Mommy makeover?  That’s so 2000.  Come in and see what’s new in body contour surgery.  A visit with us can be so uplifting!

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