What’s the Best Time For A Mommy Makeover?

Motherhood.  A joyous yet strangely terrifying experience.  Yes, books have been written about it.  But, there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ owners manual.  The unconditional love of the child, the joys of hearing children laugh, the precious moments spent reading together at bedtime…just amazing!  And yet, pregnancy certainly takes a toll on the body.  Tissues stretch, relax, and become loose.  Body parts that used to be high and firm tend to sag.  For women who find themselves thinking a lot about these changes, there are some options.  A mommy makeover may be just the thing.

What Is A Mommy Makeover? Mommy makeover image

A mommy makeover is not just one operation.  It’s a surgical procedure tailored to the concerns of the individual woman.  Typically a mommy makeover is a combination of surgery on the breasts and the abdomen.  A woman whose breasts have become droopy may benefit from a breast lift.  Someone with large, heavy breasts might instead undergo breast reduction surgery.  If her breasts look deflated but aren’t very droopy,  she might do great with breast augmentation.

The same is true with the abdomen.  A lot of woman develop loose, hanging skin in the lower abdomen.  A full tummy tuck might be the best option.  Sometimes there’s a little skin hanging over a C-section scar, and some fullness in the flanks.  A mini-tummy tuck might work in that situation.  If there’s a lot of loose skin extending onto the sides and back, a lower body lift might be best.

There’s really not one operation that defines a ‘mommy makeover’.  It’s a combination of procedures.  In most cases it involves surgery on the breasts and abdomen.  Sometimes the arms or legs may be addressed.  In our Fort Worth office we spend a lot of time with our patients.  We want to understand what bothers them most, then design a procedure to address those concerns.  It’s a ‘tailor-made’ approach.

Are You Ready To Have A Mommy Makeover?

Do You Plan To Have More Children?

Mommy makeovers can produce amazing results.  Those results will change, however, as you change.  If you become pregnant, your breasts and abdomen will stretch.  You’ll experience the same types of changes that you experienced with your previous pregnancy.  This may result in significant changes of your mommy makeover result.  If you plan to have more children, it might be wise to wait before undergoing mommy makeover surgery.

How Old Is Your Youngest Child?

After pregnancy it takes several months for your body to ‘recalibrate’.  It’s common to lose weight.  Tissues tighten to some degree.  It’s best to wait at least several months after having a baby before undergoing mommy makeover surgery.  Make sure your weight isn’t changing, that you’ve reached a stable weight.

mother baby vector art Are you breastfeeding?  If so, you should not undergo surgery on your breasts.  You should wait several months after you’ve stopped breastfeeding before undergoing cosmetic breast surgery.  Make sure your breasts aren’t changing in size, and that you cannot express any milk from your nipples.

Can You Take Time To Recover?

Life gets in the way.  To undergo a mommy makeover, you need to have some time.  It takes at least six weeks of not doing strenuous activity.  This includes things like lifting children into high chairs and car seats.  Ideally you wouldn’t be lifting a baby into or out of a crib.  Can you arrange for someone to do those things for several weeks?

The same is true with work.  While you might be able to get back to work in two or tree weeks, you’ll still need 6 weeks of fairly minimal activity.  You won’t be able to lift boxes or heavy objects during this time.  You may not be able to drive for a few weeks.

What About ‘Mommy Guilt’?

You’ve become used to putting everyone else first.  Some women struggle emotionally with setting aside time for themselves.  Is this vanity?  Aren’t other things more important?  Am I presenting the wrong image to my daughter?  These are questions many women have.  Yet, self-confidence often soars after these types of procedures.  A happy and confident mother may be better able to raise happy, confident children.  Some women find these procedures not to be so much of a ‘want’ as a ‘need’.  What had been a negative body image and feeling of self-worth is quite often transformed into positive feelings and improved feelings of self-worth.

What’s The Best Time For A Mommy Makeover?

It really depends on you.  Consider the issues discussed above.  Make sure that you can take at least six weeks away from strenuous activities.  If you have young children, someone will need to help you with them for a few weeks.

If you’re thinking about a mommy makeover, contact us!  We won’t do a ‘hard sell’ or try to talk you into anything.  You deserve better than that.  We’ll help you understand the options, and we’ll design a treatment plan unique to you.



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