Why Do People Have a Tummy Tuck?

Fort Worth woman with good body wearing a white sports bra and underwear Spring is here!  Before you know it, you’ll start seeing great-looking bodies popping up all over town.  Some of these bodies happen naturally, some of them happen after a little help.   I see a lot of people for body contouring procedures in my Fort Worth office.  Since a lot of people are thinking about this now, I wanted to spend a couple minutes talking about why someone might decide to do a tummy tuck.  While tummy tucks may be combined with breast surgery in what is called a mommy makeover, in this piece I’ll focus on the abdominoplasty.

Why Have Abdominoplasty?

There’s too much loose skin.  Do you find yourself standing in front of a mirror pinching the skin that drapes over the top of your jeans?  Do you have a lap in your lap when you sit down?  If so, you’re not alone.  This is probably the most common reason people undergo a tummy tuck.

There’s a gap between the muscles in the center of the abdomen.  Some people notice this most when they’re lying down.  They lift their feet up a little bit and notice a bulge develop in the center of the abdomen in the midline, just above or just below the belly button.  When standing, most of these people have generalized fullness in the front of the abdomen.

Too many stretch marks.  Most women have a few, but there are some who have stretch marks seemingly everywhere.  Their skin may not drape over their pants, but the skin is very loose and they don’t like how all the stretch marks look.

Can’t see the belly button.  I call this operation “the return of the belly button”.  It’s pretty common to see a woman who hasn’t seen her belly button for a long time because the skin just drapes over it.

Very self-conscious about how the abdomen looks.  Of course, everyone we see for a tummy tuck wants their abdomen to look better.  Some women, however, are very self-conscious about how they look.  Sometimes it’s to the point that they won’t let their partner see them undressed or in their underwear.

You want to feel more confident.  A flatter, tighter, more contoured tummy can have a tremendous impact on a person’s self-confidence!  New shape…new tone…new clothes…new confidence!

If you are tired of your midsection holding you back from feeling your best, now is a great time to explore what abdominoplasty can achieve. We’d love to help you. Contact our Fort Worth office at 817.335.5200 to schedule your consultation.

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