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What to Expect After Your Breast Implant Removal Surgery

breast health woman checking her breasts shape in front of the mirror at home Breast implant removal surgery is becoming common.   A woman may decide to have her breast implants removed for any number of reasons.  We often see women who had their implants placed when they were in their 20’s or 30’s.  Now they’re in their 60’s or 70’s and have decided they no longer want to have implants.  Some women are worried that their breast implants may contribute to illness.  Others note that their breasts have become firm.  Because breast implant removal has become more common, I thought it would be worth discussing a few things to expect if you undergo this procedure.

We offer several options when it comes to breast implant removal.   The implants may be removed alone, or with the associated breast implant scar tissue capsule.  Some women undergo breast lifts at the same time.  Others choose to undergo liposuction and then have fat grafted into their breasts.  There are many options, and we go over the options in detail when you visit our plastic surgery office in the Fort Worth medical district.

Immediately After Surgery

Immediately after surgery your breasts will be swollen, and some bruising may be present. Most women experience some discomfort during this time as well. You’ll probably have drains in place to help prevent fluid from building up in the tissues. The drains will likely remain in place for several days or, in some instances, a couple of weeks.

We do these procedures in outpatient surgery centers or hospitals.  The surgery is done under general anesthesia; you are put to sleep.  As you wake up you might experience some dizziness and nausea related to the anesthesia.  We ask patients not to eat heavy, thick foods during the first few hours to help minimize the risk of nausea.   You’ll also have bandages over your incisions, and the bandages should be kept dry.  Sponge bathing is done the night of surgery.  The bandages are removed in our office during your first postoperative visit, which is usually within one or two days.   We also teach you what you need to do to take care of the surgical sites at that time.  In most cases our patients are allowed to shower beginning after your first postoperative visit.

Patients should be walking and moving around on the evening of their surgery.  Don’t just go home and go to bed.  While we don’t want patients to do strenuous activity for six weeks, walking around and moving your arms is good to do beginning the evening of the surgery.

Most of our patients do not have much pain.  The drains are irritating where they exit the skin, but that’s different than having significant pain.  It is common that patients tell us they didn’t require any narcotic pain medication at all.  While we usually prescribe a small amount of narcotics, we also do a lot of other things to help make you not feel like you need that type of medication.

If you have been thinking about removing your breast implants, contact Dr. Kelly Kunkel at 817-335-5200 today!

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