Why Would Someone Get a Chin Implant?

It seems like we just know a beautiful face when we see it.  The parts just fit.  The eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, and skin all seem in harmony.  The chin is often more of an afterthought.  But when it doesn’t fit, the whole face is out of proportion.  Sometimes the chin is projecting and pronounced.  Often it is a little underdeveloped.  I’ll see some people who come in to have their nose done, only to find they have a “weak chin”.  The chin is small, making the nose look big.  Of all the facial procedures we do, chin augmentation may be among the easiest for the patient.

Chin augmentation surgery takes about 45 minutes to an hour.  I do this in an outpatient surgery center.   There are different sizes and shapes of chin implants, and different materials to choose from. The most commonly used chin implants are made of silicone rubber. These are easy to use and can provide a great result.

Strengthening the Chin

When the chin does not develop fully it is often referred to this problem as a weak or receding chin.  In the “ideal” face, the upper lip is about 2 or 3 mm (2 or 3 dime widths) in front of the lower lip.  You should be able to draw and angled line between the upper and lower lip and continue that down to the most projecting part of the chin.  If the chin falls behind that angled line, a chin augmentation may be very helpful to create more harmony in the face.

Improving the Profile

Balance between the chin, lips, and nose are key features in a beautiful face. Without this balance, the nose can appear too large for the face. People who have naturally large noses need a strong chin to create symmetry and beauty. Patients undergoing facelift and rhinoplasty surgery often add a chin implant to help improve the overall shape and profile of the final result.

Did You Know?

Chin augmentation may seem like an unnecessary step to feeling better about one’s appearance. However, news stories have noted that 50 or more CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies have undergone this very procedure as a way to strengthen their overall facial appearance. Strong chin, strong character; that’s the idea at least.

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