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We are open and back to business!

While we never completely closed our Fort Worth office, we are now actively seeing people in person (and virtually, of course!) and doing procedures.  Our aesthetics nurse injector, Krista, is doing treatments with Botox and facial fillers like Juvederm and Restylane.  The State of Texas still won’t let us do microneedling but rest assured, she’ll be doing that as soon as the State says it’s okay.

I’m doing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.  The surgical facilities are figuring out how to get back to their normal schedules while also keeping patients and staff members safe.  They are all a little different in how they’re doing that, but we are able to do all types of cases…reconstructive and  cosmetic.

We have instituted a number of steps to minimize potential exposure when you come to the office.  We ask that you wear a mask to your office visit.  Each of us will wear a mask too.  If you don’t have a mask, we’ll supply one. When you arrive at the office for your visit, just call and let us know you’re here.  You’ll wait a few minutes in your car (keep your AC on!) and we will call you when an exam room is ready. Typically it’s just a few minutes of wait time.  As you enter the office we’ll have you wash your hands and then you will be escorted into the exam room.  Once you have finished seeing me (or Krista) you will be personally escorted to the check out area.  It’s not like going to Albertson’s or Home Depot, waiting in long lines with 6 feet between people.  It’s just you checking out, then you’re off to your car.   Each exam room is sanitized immediately after a patient leaves the room.  We also have protocols in place that include staff members assigned to do additional sanitizing of doors, seats, and desktops around the office periodically through the day.

The hospitals and surgery centers are also very careful.  If you are scheduled for surgery, they might test you for the coronavirus a few days before the procedure.  As you arrive for your procedure they also have you wear a mask.  The facilities won’t let more than one person accompany you on the day of your surgery.  All facility personnel wear masks, and strict precautions are maintained to minimize your risk of exposure to any virus.

It’s exciting to get back to doing procedures.  Our office, working in tandem with the surgical facilities, goes to great lengths to keep you safe.  Most of the procedures we offer are elective.  It makes sense to be nervous about the virus.  If you find yourself worrying about the virus all the time, remember that you can wait; you don’t have to come to the office now for an elective procedure.  If you do want to see us, take comfort in knowing that we have created an environment to thoroughly minimize your risk of exposure to this pesky (or choose whatever descriptive word you want) virus.


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