Reasons Male Breast Reduction Became a Thing

istock 503704962 People come in all shapes and sizes. While we know this, we also tend to have expectations related to gender-norms. When we see a male body, we expect to see a relatively flat, contoured chest. People tend to think of breasts as part of a normal female body.  It turns out, though, that a lot of men have large breasts.  This is called gynecomastia.  For men who are concerned about this, we have a great option: male breast reduction.

Male breast reduction, also referred to as gynecomastia surgery, has become increasingly popular.  Let’s spend a few minutes talking about it.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Male breast enlargement may be caused by hormonal imbalances or side effects of medications, but in most cases no cause is ever found.  While being overweight may be a factor, gynecomastia is also found in men of normal weight.  Some men devote years to diet and exercise in an attempt to sculpt their chests.  Men with gynecomastia may lose weight but continue to have larger-than-normal breasts or puffy nipples. This happens because breasts are composed of glandular tissue and fat.  So, losing fat by losing weight is only one aspect of correcting male breast enlargement.  The thicker glandular tissue remains.  In many cases, surgery is the ultimate solution to achieve a more contoured chest.

Gynecomastia Surgery is Rewarding

Men who have gynecomastia spend their lives covering up.  They’re uncomfortable in the gym and at the beach.  Correcting gynecomastia allows men to feel confident in their appearance and masculinity. It allows them to wear clothes comfortably and feel good about how they look. It can put an end to the emotional turmoil that they’ve carried from their teen years when it began.

Male breast reduction is an outpatient surgical procedure.  Sometimes liposuction will be all that’s needed.  Often an incision is made around the areola and thicker breast glandular tissue is removed.  When excess skin is present, this may require additional incisions.  Men usually resume most of their normal activities about two weeks after surgery, with some exceptions for strenuous exercise.

If you would like to learn more about gynecomastia surgery, schedule a consultation at our Forth Worth office at (817) 335-5200.

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