Virtual Plastic Surgery Consultations in Fort Worth

We are doing virtual consultations in the office.  It’s a great way to have an interactive visit!  We are seeing people who are new to the office this way, but it’s also a terrific way to see our existing clients.  

Online plastic surgery consultation:  how it works

You can contact our office either by phone or online.  If you are on the website, the Contact Us page has a short form that asks for things like your name and address.  Complete the form and check-mark the box that indicates you are interested in an online consultation.  Once you’ve completed the form, click ‘Submit’ and someone from the office will contact you.


TouchMD is an online service that provides a wonderful educational experience.  Once you contact us, we set up an account for you with TouchMD and then send you an email.  The email has a couple of forms for you to fill out and also some “Homework” for you to review.   We also ask new patients to take a few photographs of themselves of the areas they want to discuss.  Patients then upload the photographs to TouchMD via their protected account.  These photographs are reviewed with you during your virtual consultation.  TouchMD allows us to draw on these photos, as well as to show you ‘Before and After’ photographs of some of our other patients.


GoToMeeting is the online service we use to visit with you at the scheduled time.  After communicating with you either on the telephone or by email, we set up an online appointment.  You will receive an email from GoToMeeting that has the date and time of the virtual visit.  You will need to download the GoToMeeting app to whatever device you will use for the appointment.  We recommend using either a desktop or laptop, but a tablet or smartphone will also work.  A number code specific to you virtual consultation is created by GoToMeeting.  You will need to enter the number code into the GoToMeeting app to gain access to the consultation.

Of course, we take privacy very seriously.  Both TouchMD and GoToMeeting are HIPAA compliant, secure services.  We also ask you to read our Privacy Practices before the online meeting.

The virtual visit with dr. kunkel in fort worth

These tend to be pretty relaxed and casual.  We recommend that for the meeting you use a desktop or a laptop that has a microphone, speakers, and a camera.  Smartphones and tablets are okay but don’t offer the same overall experience.  Make sure that your speakers and camera are ‘enabled’ on your device.  If you aren’t sure, go to the ‘Settings’ area of your device and look there.  You also want to make sure that the camera is pointed toward you.  Sometimes laptops and smartphone cameras are pointed away from you.  GoToMeeting may ask for access to your microphone and camera.  Please allow the access; without the access the meeting cannot take place.

You’ll want to be in a quiet room, away from distractions.  If you have children, it works best to let them know you are going to be on a private call for about 30 minutes.  Consider wearing a robe.  Sometimes the photos that were uploaded don’t allow an adequate evaluation of an area.   In that case, having the ability to show us the area during the visit can be very helpful.  Of course, this may require you to be able to lock the door to the room you are in if possible.  We always have both Dr. Kunkel and another office staff member (who also acts as a chaperone) online during the virtual visit.

Dr. Kunkel plastic surgery online consultation Once you join the meeting, you’ll see Amy (our amazing Patient Care Coordinator), Kirstin (one of our compassionate nurses), or one of our other staff members.  She may ask a few questions and will answer some of the questions you have.  After a few minutes the virtual plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Kunkel begins.  He visits with you, then reviews with you the photographs you submitted before the visit.  TouchMD allows us to draw on those photos, making sure we are addressing the areas of concern to you.  We also show you photographs of other people who have had similar procedures and can mark on those as well.  This process allows you to more thoroughly understand the issues.  We like for you to ask questions; it’s a pretty informal process.

After making sure your questions are answered, Amy (or another office staff member) takes over the meeting once again.  She may have a few comments of her own and may clarify a few things.  That’s it!  Pretty easy, really.

After the Online Plastic Surgery Consultation

Amy will contact you by telephone and/or email.  She will provide a quote for the procedure(s) that were discussed, clarify questions you may have, and discuss financing options and scheduling.

We do need to see you in the office one time before a surgical procedure takes place.   A virtual visit is a powerful tool.  However, sometimes seeing something online doesn’t translate exactly to seeing it in person.  It’s possible that an in-person physical examination may reveal something that was not apparent during the online visit.  If this were to happen, the procedure may need to be modified.  While this is not likely, it’s a possibility.  If that were to happen the cost of the procedure could change as well.

Cosmetic virtual visits in fort worth

It’s here.  It’s easy!  Give it a try!




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