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Heavy breasts cause pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. Rashes frequently develop beneath the breasts, as do indentations in the shoulders from bra straps. Large breasts may attract unwanted attention. Sometimes this results in low self-esteem.

Benefits Of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery can help a woman regain her self-confidence and positive self-image while creating shapely and proportional breasts. Back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain may be dramatically reduced.

After breast reduction surgery many women find they are able to do physical activities that had been too painful to do before. Two of Dr. Kunkel’s patients ran in the Boston Marathon after their breast reductions!

What Should I Expect at My Breast Reduction Consultation?

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The initial visit in our Fort Worth office takes about 1½ hours; it’s not rushed.  During that time Dr. Kunkel and his staff listen to you as you talk about your concerns and what you hope to achieve. Your breasts are evaluated and a thorough discussion takes place to help you understand the things you need to know.

Dr. Kunkel has written a Breast Reduction Surgery Booklet. It contains ‘before and after’ photographs and other helpful information. We suggest that a woman who is planning to visit the office read it before she comes in for her consultation. Some women find it convenient to upload the booklet to their phone or computer, or to print for easy reference.

How Is Breast Reduction Performed?

There are different ways to do breast reduction surgery. The size and shape of a woman’s breasts help determine what type of procedure may work best for her. The options of breast reduction surgery technique include:

“Wise Pattern” Breast Reduction

Also called an inverted-T pattern or anchor pattern, this technique may be the best choice for women who have very large breasts. In a Wise pattern of breast reduction the scars go around the areola, down the lower central part of the breast, and along the crease beneath the breast. Dr. Kunkel finds he can remove more tissue using this technique than the other types of breast reduction.

Vertical Incision Breast Reduction

Also known as a “short scar” or “lollipop” breast reduction, this technique results in scars that go around the areola and down the lower central part of the breasts but not along the crease below the breast.  A vertical incision breast reduction may work well for a woman who has moderately large breasts.

Liposuction Breast Reduction

Liposuction alone may be a good option for a woman who has large breasts and good skin tone. Liposuction removes fat but does not remove thick glandular tissue. The best candidates for liposuction breast reduction are women whose breasts have more fatty tissue than glandular tissue. Women in their 50’s and 60’s are more likely to have these types of breasts than women in their 30’s. However, women in their 50’s may not have good breast skin tone. Dr. Kunkel uses the liposuction breast reduction technique less commonly than the other techniques. Liposuction breast reduction removes some of the weight of the breasts but does not result in a lifted or tightened appearance.

What Size Will I Be After My Breast Reduction?

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It's a question everyone asks.  And the answer one can tell you for sure.  Part of it depends on what a woman hopes to wear.  The biggest part of the answer, though, depends on circulation of blood to the nipples.  When doing a breast reduction operation, a lot of breast tissue is removed.  That's tissue that blood used to flow through.  Some of that blood used to flow to the nipple, but now that tissue and that circulation are gone.  To maintain blood circulation to the nipple, a moderate amount of tissue needs to be left behind.  The amount and location of that tissue will vary from patient to patient.  The amount of tissue left behind to maintain the circulation to the nipples is really the most important factor in determining how large/how small a woman will be after her breast reduction.

Do I Get A Lift With A Breast Reduction?

Breast reductions tend to create breasts that are shapely, proportional, and look great. The nipples end up a little above the breast crease line (the bra line). If the nipples start out below that line, they will end up above it. The lower parts of the breasts are tightened. The same things are done during cosmetic breast lifts.

Does a Breast Reduction Require Anesthesia?

Dr. Kunkel does breast reduction surgery with his patients put to sleep under the direction of an anesthesiologist (general anesthesia).  Some plastic surgeons do breast reductions using only local anesthesia.

How Long Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery by Dr. Kunkel usually takes three to four hours to complete.  Other plastic surgeons may take more time or less time.

Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

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Is Breast Reduction An Outpatient Surgery?

Dr. Kunkel performs breast reduction surgery in a Fort Worth hospital or outpatient surgery center. Typically the patient goes home the same day. Some women combine breast reduction with other body contour procedures like a tummy tuck. Women who undergo longer combined operations may need to spend one night in the surgical facility.

Can Breast Reduction Be Combined With Other Procedures?

Of course!  Some women choose to make changes to other body areas at the same time.  Tummy tuck surgery is one of the more popular combinations.  When breast and abdominal contouring procedures are done at the same time, some people refer to that as a 'mommy makeover'.

Combining breast reduction with other procedures adds some time to the procedure.  A woman who combines procedures often spends the night in the surgical facility.

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Recovery After Breast Reduction Surgery

Patients are often surprised at how well they feel after breast reduction surgery.  Instead of having a lot of pain in their breasts they frequently notice their back and neck feel better that night.  The breasts will be sore, swollen, and bruised for a few weeks.  Most women are able to return to work one or two weeks after surgery.  Strenuous activities like running, playing tennis, and riding horses should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks.

Will Insurance Cover A Breast Reduction?

That’s the big question. Each insurance company has its own requirements. They all want documentation of the problems, and they want women to have received non-surgical treatments. If you want your insurance company to pay for your breast reduction you should look at their website and see what they require. Also visit with your primary care doctor. Have your doctor document the problems you’re having and the treatment you receive for them. If those treatments don’t improve your symptoms, then maybe your insurance company will pay for a breast reduction. Listed below are some links to a few of the bigger insurance companies. If you see yours listed, click on it.

These links are provided for reference, but you really need to look at your specific insurance plan. Each insurance company offers different insurance plans. The links above may not tell you about your particular insurance product (PPO, HMO, etc).

How Much Does Breast Reduction Cost in Fort Worth?

Some women do not involve insurance when undergoing breast reduction surgery.  For any number of reasons, they decide to pay for the surgery directly.  Dr. Kunkel performs breast reduction surgery at accredited Fort Worth surgery facilities, most often at a hospital.  The cost of breast reduction by Dr. Kunkel when insurance is not involved is $9,700.  The cost includes the cost of the surgery facility, anesthesia, and Dr. Kunkel's fees.  Tissue is sent to pathology for evaluation and there is an additional charge for that.  The cost of that varies by the facility.  There are additional costs for medications.  Insurance often does pay for that.

What Are The Risks Of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction, like all surgery, has risks.  Some of the risks include numbness of the nipples and breast skin, lack of symmetry, widening of the scars, and breasts that are larger or smaller than a woman may have desired.  Additional risks include infection, bleeding, problems with healing, firm fatty tissue (“fat necrosis”), and loss of a nipple.

What Our Patients Have To Say

Dr. Kunkel and his whole staff are absolutely amazing!!! I’d never ever go anywhere else to have anything done!! Completely dedicated to this office! Just love them They’re so caring and Dr. Kunkel is PHENOMENAL!!

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