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An underdeveloped chin may significantly affect facial appearance, causing the nose to look larger or the neck skin to appear loose. Chin augmentation is performed to provide a more balanced, proportional facial appearance.    Chin augmentation (mentoplasty) may also be performed in combination with rhinoplasty or facelift surgery to help achieve optimal facial harmony.

Chin Implants Fort Worth TX

Who Is A Good Candidate For Chin Augmentation?

We all have our own reasons for wanting to make changes in our appearance, be it a new hairstyle or extra skin on a tummy. If you’ve thought your chin looks weak, not wide enough, or not full enough, that makes you a candidate for chin augmentation with Dr. Kunkel.  Chin augmentation is all about feeling good about your profile, and the balance you see in your face.

You may feel that your chin isn’t strong enough to balance your lower face with your upper face. You may feel your chin is recessed and not very visible. You may feel your chin doesn’t create enough space between your mouth and lips and your jawline. Whatever your reasons, chin augmentation could change all of them.

Chin Implant Surgery

Dr. Kunkel performs chin augmentation surgery in an outpatient surgery center or hospital.   The patient is put to sleep under the direction of an anesthesiologist (general anesthesia).  The procedure takes about 45 minutes to complete.  In most cases a small incision is made beneath the chin and a pocket is created for the implant. The chin implant is typically made of silicone rubber.  Other types of implants are available and may be chosen depending on the patients desires and physical attributes.  The implant is placed into the pocket and secured using sutures or small screws.

Recovery After Chin Augmentation Surgery

These are not difficult recoveries. Dr. Kunkel will prescribe pain medication, but most patients feel over-the-counter options are sufficient. If you have a desk job, you’ll likely be able to return to work within 7 days after your surgery. As the size of your chin has increased, the area will feel tight and there will be some swelling. This feeling of tightness will last about two weeks as the surrounding tissues adapt. Diligent use of a cold compress can mitigate much of your swelling.

You’ll need to sleep with your head elevated and with your face up for a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks. This helps to control swelling and it protects your incisions (unless your implants were placed in the mouth). If you have mouth incisions, you’ll only be able to have a liquid diet for the first day or two after surgery. You’ll need to keep your sutures and the incision clean for the first few days, as well.

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Strenuous exercise or jobs requiring physical labor can be resumed in 3 to 4 weeks depending on your healing. Dr. Kunkel will see you during your recovery and he will give you timelines for returning to work and strenuous exercise.

Can I Combine Chin Augmentation With A Facelift?

Yes. A facelift removes excess skin and tightens the underlying muscle layer, bringing sagging tissues back upward. Facelifts are good procedures to combine with chin augmentation. If you have some accumulated fat under your chin and upper neck, Dr. Kunkel can perform neck liposuction to further slim and define your results.

The advantage of combining a facelift with chin augmentation is that you’ll have just a single recovery period for two procedures.


Risks Of Chin Implant Surgery

Every surgical procedure includes risks. All operations, from hernia repairs to rhinoplasty to chin augmentation surgery include risks of infection, bleeding, blood clots, and poor healing. Issues that are more unique to chin implant surgery include long-term numbness of the lip, noticeable scars, rotation or movement of the implant, lack of symmetry between the two sides of the chin, and loss of chin bone volume over time.

How Long Does Chin Augmentation Surgery Take?

These are not overly complicated procedures. They generally take Dr. Kunkel between 45 and 60 minutes. Of course, there is some additional time for prep and recovery from your anesthesia.

Does Chin Augmentation Require An Overnight Hospital Stay?

No. These are outpatient procedures that Dr. Kunkel usually performs in a surgical center.

Am I Able To Eat Solid Food After Chin Augmentation Surgery?

If Dr. Kunkel opts to place your implants through incisions in your mouth, you will not be able to eat solid food for about two days. It will be important to keep food off of your incisions, as well. If your incision is made under your chin, there aren’t any limitations on diet. You do need to take into account that your chin area will feel tight for about two weeks. Eating foods that need lots of chewing could be somewhat irritating if your skin feels tight, but this varies by the individual.

Can Chin Implants Be Removed?

Silicone implants can easily be removed. Polyethylene and Gore-Tex implants can be removed but doing so are more involved because tissues and bone can grow into the implants. This anchors them effectively but also makes them much more difficult to remove.

Is Chin Augmentation Covered By Insurance?

Chin augmentation is considered to be elective surgery, so it is not covered by health insurance. We do offer CareCredit for paying for your surgery.

How Can I Prepare for My Chin Implant Procedure?

Preparing ahead of time for your chin implant procedure can help increase your chances of a complication-free procedure, as well as a successful recovery. Before each patient’s chin implant procedure, we recommend they do the following:

  • Consult your primary doctor regarding stopping medication that may interfere with your procedure.
  • Take a blood test to ensure your body is healthy enough for procedure and recovery.
  • Quit smoking at least six weeks before your procedure.
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medications and supplements that can increase bleeding.
  • Arrange transportation with a loved one to and from your appointment.
  • Be sure to ask any outstanding questions you may have before beginning your procedure.

What Is Recovery Like After a Chin Implant?

Recovery after receiving chin implants can take up to six weeks in total. However, most patients only need three to four days before they can return to their normal routines. Recovery will involve properly dressing or bandaging your treated area, limiting physical activity, and being gentle with your face and chin area. Common side effects such as swelling may occur, but this typically disappears within five days. Rigorous physical activity should be avoided for the first few days after your procedure to minimize potential injury or complications to the chin.

In addition to all these guidelines, Dr. Kunkel provides each patient with specific aftercare guidelines they must follow during recovery. It is also essential during this time that you are diligent with follow-up appointments to ensure your chin implants are healing in the proper way.

How Long Will the Results from My Chin Implant Last?

Chin implants are designed to be permanent and last a lifetime. Although the natural aging process may change the overall appearance of your face, jawline, and chin area, chin implants are strong and long-lasting, making them a worthwhile investment for many patients.

In order to maintain your results, we recommend patients commit to a healthy lifestyle that involves balanced eating and regular exercise to encourage optimal health and also prevent significant weight gain, which may alter the appearance of your chin implants.

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