COVID19 Office Precautions

We are doing a lot to help protect everyone who comes to the office from potential exposure to coronavirus. This short video summarizes, in a fun way, some of the thing we’re doing.

Something to consider that is easily overlooked we have our own building and a small parking lot. You don’t have to walk through a busy lobby, get onto a crowded elevator, or push any buttons to get into our office. You just park, take a few steps, and walk through the door.

We “telephone triage” all patients before they even come to the office. A few questions are asked. If someone with a non-urgent need to visit seems likely to have been exposed to the virus, we have them reschedule their appointment.


As always, exam rooms are sanitized before the day starts, as the day ends, and after each patient visit. We also have scheduled times during the day where staff members additionally sanitize other parts of the office, including door handles, light switches, computer keypads, and more.

As you enter the building and your temperature is taken, we have you wash your hands. Hand sanitizer is also available in multiple places in the office.

Masks are worn during patient encounters. We ask that you bring your own mask. If you forget, of course we supply one. It’s actually very entertaining to see the artistry and comedy of the masks that people wear!


There’s no standing in line. This isn’t like going to Tom Thumb or Home Depot. At the end of a visit you wait in the exam room. A staff member individually escorts you to the check-out area, making sure there’s no one else there first. From the check-out area it’s just a few feet to the front door of the office, then a few steps to your car.


And speaking of your car, we have you call from your car as you arrive in the parking lot for your visit. Rather than have you come in and wait in a reception area with other patients, we have you wait in your car. After the room to be used for your visit has been sanitized, we call you and have you come into the office. You probably won’t pass or encounter another patient during your entire visit.


We take your safety very seriously. While no private home or business can guarantee that a guest won’t ever experience a problem, we want you to know that we are committed to protecting all visitors to the office from exposure to coronavirus.

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