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Breast Implant Removal – Case 1

October 30, 2019

This 71 year-0ld woman had capsular contracture of both of her 30 year-old breast implants.  She decided to have both implants removed and not replaced.  During surgery her left breast implant was found to be ruptured.

Breast Implant Removal – Case 2

This 87 year-old woman developed pain in both breasts.  Her silicone gel breast implants were 34 years-old.  Both implants and capsules were removed.  The implants were found to be intact.

Breast Implant Removal – Case 3

This 36 year-old woman had saline-filled breast implants.  She developed psoriatic arthritis and was concerned her breast implants may have contributed to that.  She underwent removal of both breast implants and capsules.  The ‘after’ result is shown 18 months later.  Removing the implants did not result in any changes in her psoriatic arthritis.

Breast Implant Removal – Case 4

This 30 year-old woman had undergone an augmentation and breast lift at age 21 because her breasts had been very asymmetrical.   She had a 210 ml saline breast implant on her right side and a 350 ml saline implant on her left side.   She had twins about 5 years after her original surgery […]

Breast Implant Removal – Case 5

This 49 year-old woman had undergone mastopexies and augmentation with 210 ml silicone gel implants.  She gained weight after her surgery and her breasts changed in size and appearance.  Her result is shown 3 months after undergoing removal of the implants and new mastopexies.

Breast Implant Removal – Case 6

This 55 year-old woman had undergone mastopexies and augmentation with silicone gel implants 17 years-ago.  She developed lupus and Sjogren syndrome and was concerned her implants may be contributing to that.  She underwent capsulectomies with removal of her breast implants and new mastopexies.  After having her implants removed she thought her joints felt better.

Breast Reduction – Case 2

September 12, 2019

She is 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighs 184 pounds, and has a body mass index of 32.  Her breast reduction resulted in removal of 1260 grams from her right breast and 1080 grams from her left (5.1 pounds!).  She wore a 38DDD bra before surgery and a 38C after.  Her postoperative result is shown […]

Breast Reduction – Case 3

September 11, 2019

She is 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighs 143 pounds, and her BMI is 26.  During her breast reduction Dr. Kunkel removed 719 grams from her right breast and 709 grams from her left breast (3 pounds total).  She wore a 36DDD bra before surgery and 36C after.

Breast Reduction – Case 4

September 10, 2019

This 52 year-old woman is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 174 pounds (BMI 28).  She underwent a breast reduction, removing 928 grams from her right breast and 1285 grams from her left breast (4.8 pounds total).

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