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Breast Lift without Augmentation – Case 5

Individual results may vary.

Case ID: 3626

Front: Breast lift, no implants. *Individual results will vary.

Oblique: Breast lift without breast augmentation.


This 54 year-old woman liked the overall volume of her breasts and how she looked in clothing.  She is 5’7″ tall and weighs 150 pounds.  She underwent inverted-T (“anchor”) pattern mastopexies.  No implants were placed.   To get a better idea of how much her nipples were lifted, look at the freckle on her right breast (the breast on the left in the ‘front’ view).  In the ‘After’ photograph, the freckle is beside the nipple; in the ‘Before’ photograph, the freckle is much higher up on the breast.  The freckle was not moved during the surgery.  The nipple was moved up to the level of the freckle.  *Individual results will vary.

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