Breast Lift without Augmentation

Individual results may vary.

Case ID: 3626

Front: 5 feet 7 inches tall, 150 pounds. Breast lifts, no implants. *Individual results will vary.

Oblique: Breast lifts without breast augmentation.


This 54 year-old woman liked how her breasts looked in clothing but did not like that her nipples pointed down.  After visiting with Dr. Kunkel in Fort Worth, she  decided to undergo inverted-T (“anchor”) pattern breast lifts without having breast implants placed.  To get an idea of how much her nipples were moved during the surgery, look at the freckle on her right breast (the breast on the left in the ‘front’ view).  In the ‘After’ photograph, the freckle is beside the nipple; in the ‘Before’ photograph the freckle is much higher up on the breast.  The freckle was not moved during the surgery.  The nipple was moved up to the level of the freckle*Keep in mind that each person is unique, and individual results will vary.

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