Different Types of Breast Lifts

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A lot of women I see in the office loved how their breasts looked when they were breastfeeding.  The fullness, firmness, and shape…loved it!  But they deflated after stopping breastfeeding.  Loose skin and sagging breasts developed.  Not so bueno.   This happens to women who lose a lot of weight too.  Breast lift surgery can help with that.  Tighten the breasts, remove some loose skin, maybe add implants…  Let’s talk a little about the different types of breast lifts.

Anchor/Inverted T Breast Lift

This type of breast lift works best for the woman who has a lot of loose skin and whose nipples are pretty low.  Women who have lost a lot of weight are often good candidates as well.  The nipple is lifted to its new position, and skin and some tissue are removed from the central and lower parts of the breasts.  This results in scars that go around the areola, down the center of the breast, and across the bottom of the breast.

Lollipop/Vertical Breast Lift

A woman who has less substantial laxity of the skin may benefit from a vertical or “lollipop” breast lift.  As with the anchor/inverted-T breast lift, the nipple is moved up and some central breast tissue and skin are removed.  The final scar goes around the nipple and down the central part of the breast.  There is no scar across the bottom of the breast.

doughnut/peri-areolar breast lift

This type of breast lift may work best for a woman whose nipples are a little low.  A circular incision is made around the areola, removing more skin above the areola than below.  This allows the nipple to be moved up a little.

breast implants and breast lifts

Breast implants are commonly placed at the same time as breast lifts.  They provide more long-term fullness in the upper part of the breasts than can be achieved from breast lifts alone.  Breast implants can help recreate the shape, firmness, and fullness that existed during breastfeeding.

Having loose, sagging breasts can deflate your self-esteem. To learn more about breast lifts, contact our Fort Worth office today at 817-335-5200.

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