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Is Breast Augmentation Painful?

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Breast augmentation consultations occur regularly here in our Fort Worth office, with adults of all ages who are interested in accentuating the upper body. One of the most common questions we receive during our consultation visits involves what to expect during and after the breast augmentation procedure. Primarily, patients want to know if the procedure and its recovery are painful. It’s an honest question that deserves a thoughtful response. We find that, in giving patients clear communication around the recovery aspects of their procedure, they can move forward more confidently, feeling reassured about their decision.

Breast Augmentation: A Painful Process?

So, does breast augmentation hurt?  The surgery is performed using general anesthesia, meaning the patient is completely asleep during the procedure.  There are no sensations of pain during the breast augmentation surgery.   Breast augmentation does involve inserting implants that expand the breast mound and overlying skin. Frequently muscle is also stretched by the implants. As a result of these changes, yes, patients will experience some degree of discomfort after their breast augmentation procedure.  Generally, this is more a feeling of tightness than actual pain.  This feeling of tightness resolves over a few weeks.

Pain is a Part of the Healing Process

When we experience an injury like a cut or a scrape, the body responds with inflammation. The inflammatory process is actually the beginning of tissue healing.  Inflammation triggers the body to release chemicals and specific cells into the affected area.  Swelling results, and this can be uncomfortable.

Managing Pain after Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can result in some soreness and tenderness.

The breast augmentation procedure remains popular for its ability to achieve outstanding shape and size with minimal downtime. To learn more about this surgery and which breast implants may be ideal for you, contact our Fort Worth office at 817.335.5200.

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