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Brow Lift Cases

Click Images below for a more detailed view. Individual results may vary. Individual results may vary.

Brow Lift

July 14, 2020

This 52 year-old woman had a very active lifestyle but thought her eyelids made her look tired.  She underwent brow lifts, with upper and lower blepharoplasties.  The ‘after’ photographs are shown 7 months after the surgery.

Brow Lift

This 58 year-old woman works with young people every day.  She thought her eyes made her look old and tired.  She underwent brow lifts, and upper and lower blepharoplasties.  Her ‘after’ result is shown 2 months after the surgery.  *Individual results will vary.

Brow Lift

This 57 year-old woman had undergone upper blepharoplasties several years before.  She noted puffiness in her lower eyelids, and some redundant skin on her upper eyelids.  She underwent brow lifts to minimize the extra upper eyelid skin; nothing was done to her upper eyelids during this surgery.  She also underwent lower blepharoplasties.  *Individual results will […]

Brow Lift

February 17, 2019

This woman originally came in to have her upper eyelids done.  However, her eyebrows appeared to be low.  Rather than doing surgery on her eyelids, only to have her brows continue to descend over time, she underwent elevation of her eyebrows (brow lifts).

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