Is It Time for Breast Implant Removal?

Cropped,Close,Up,Portrait,Of,Attractive,Beautiful,Brown,She,Her While breast augmentation can provide beautiful results and improve your confidence, there are several reasons you may be considering having your implants removed. We discuss some possible contributors, such as autoimmune disorders, breast implant illness, and breast-implant-associated anaplastic large-cell lymphoma. However, there are other reasons you may consider having your breast implants removed, but you may be unsure whether it is justified.

If you’re considering breast implant removal, these are some common signs you should get them removed.

Common Reasons To Have Breast Implants Removed

They’re Uncomfortable

If you have had your breast implants for a while and they are causing you discomfort, such as back and chest pain or trouble participating in physical activities, it may be time to have them removed. When you get a breast augmentation, it can be difficult to know how the implants will feel once you have them. If you are developing pain, this can lead to future issues, and it’s best to have them removed as soon as possible.

They’re Causing Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a complication where the tissue around the implant contracts, causing a change in the implant. This can be uncomfortable or even painful in some cases. It’s best to have your implants checked and removed if you suspect you are experiencing a capsular contracture.

You’re Unhappy With Them

If you’re unhappy with your breast implants, then that is justification to have them removed. Whether you are unsatisfied with your results or you miss the look and feel of your natural breasts, breast implant removal can help improve your confidence.

They’ve Ruptured

When a breast implant ruptures, it can leak into the surrounding tissue and become a concern for the rest of your body. If one of your implants has ruptured, you may notice that it feels deflated and misshapen, or its appearance has changed. Visit a doctor immediately to find out if your implant is ruptured so it can be removed.

Schedule a Consultation

When you visit Dr. Kelly R. Kunkel for your breast implant removal in Fort Worth, TX, you can feel confident you are in capable hands. He considers many different factors when performing a breast implant removal so that you can feel confident and comfortable after they have been removed. Dr. Kunkel can also provide a capsulectomy or a breast lift in addition to your removal to ensure the natural look and feel of your breasts.

Schedule a consultation at 817-335-5200 to find out if breast implant removal is right for you.

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