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What is Recovery Like After Breast Augmentation?

Recovery after breast augmentation is often easier than women think it’s going to be.  Let’s go over that.

Recovery after Breast Augmentation – the first few days

I encourage women who go through breast augmentation, that evening, if you want to go out to dinner, by all means go out to dinner. The next day be up, be around, be doing most of your normal daily activities.  For women who work, I suggest that they plan on taking about a week off from work, but they really might not need that amount of time. If you have young children, you’re probably going to need a little help getting your kids into and out of high chairs and car seats for a week or two. Beyond that, you’re probably going to be just fine.

Activity Modifications After Breast Augmentation

There are some activity restrictions for about six weeks, I don’t want people doing real strenuous activity for about six weeks, but at the six week mark, you can get back to your normal life. If you like to work out in the gym, if you’re a runner, you like to play pickleball or tennis, six weeks you’re back to those kind of activities.

Woman working out dong planks
Woman working out dong planks

The breasts do look a little high, the implants look a little high, and the breasts feel a little firm for the first four weeks. In the fifth week, that’s when all of a sudden, it just feels like you. In the fifth week you’ll go an entire day without even thinking about your breasts. Things are just feeling good. So about six weeks of activity restrictions, then you’re back to normal activities.

How Do the Breasts Change after Breast Augmentation?

Here’s a photograph of an actual patient before her breast augmentation:

Photograph before breast augmentation with saline breast implants by Fort Worth plastic surgeon Dr. Kunkel.


This is how she looked six weeks after her breast augmentation with saline breast implants:

Photograph 6 weeks after breast augmentation by Fort Worth plastic surgeon Dr. Kelly Kunkel.

The implants still look a little bit high, a little bit round.

Here she is after three months:

Photograph 3 months after breast augmentation in Fort Worth, Texas by plastic surgeon Dr. Kunkel.

A little bit of change, not quite as high, not quite as round.

Here’s what she looked like at six months:

Photograph 6 months after breast augmentation with saline implants by Fort Worth, Texas plastic surgeon Dr. Kunkel.

Softer, a little more natural shape.

And here’s what she looked like one year after her breast augmentation:

Photograph one year after breast augmentation with saline implants by Fort Worth plastic surgeon Dr. Kunkel


Not much change between six months and a year. So what you look like at about six months is about what you’re going to look like.

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation, we’d love to see you in our office in Fort Worth. Give us a call!

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