Mommy Makeover: A Personal Decision

As long as cosmetic surgical procedures have been around, you might think the idea of cosmetic surgery would be more widely accepted. Judging by the secretive nature of celebs who deny having had plastic surgery and then get outed years later, it’s understandable that many people aren’t more forthcoming about their interest in refining some aspect of their appearance. This stigma around cosmetic surgery is not universal, however. In Brazil, for instance, treatments like a mommy makeover are not only culturally accepted but are viewed as beneficial to a person’s self-esteem.

Countless wonderful rewards come with being a mother. The priceless moments holding a newborn or young child close, the precious times reading to and playing with your child… nothing compares.  As you know, however, the process of pregnancy and childbirth is  stressful on a woman’s body.  Tissues stretch and droop as a consequence.  Some women carry these changes almost like a badge of honor, but some women decide to do something about it.  A mommy makeover is each woman’s personal choice to make.

Reasons for a Mommy Makeover

There is more to a mommy makeover than rewarding cosmetic results. Additional reasons for seeking this treatment include:

Endless Dieting and Exercise Result in Frustration

It can be really difficult to get the body back into pre-pregnancy shape. Some women struggle for years to lose the baby-fat and to tighten up the muscles that were stretched by pregnancy. Diet and exercise do very little for breasts that filled, then filled some more, then deflated through pregnancy and breastfeeding. A mommy makeover is not a shortcut, it is a complement to the efforts a woman has put in to address these physical effects of motherhood.

Pregnancy Affects More than Appearance

A baby growing inside an abdomen affects muscle and skin of the tummy. In most cases these tissues do not return to normal on their own. A mommy makeover can tighten loose skin and muscle and pull muscles together that stretched and separated during pregnancy.  When the abdomen loses strength and tightness, a woman may experience problems low back pain, a hernia, or even urinary incontinence.

Beauty is Your Choice

When there is so much about motherhood that is beyond your control, it can feel really good to manage something as personal as your look. Your body is within your control, and a mommy makeover can be a fantastic choice to help you feel like yourself again.

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