Finding the Best Plastic Surgeon for Your Procedure

iStock 969158722 Patients considering plastic surgery often begin their journey online. The most common search includes something like “best plastic surgeon near me.” Savvy consumers may also include their preferred procedure in their search to ensure they find a provider with the most extensive skills in a given technique or area, such as body contouring or facial rejuvenation. Even in this search for the best plastic surgeon, we can encounter ambiguity. What does it mean to be the best? We’ll discuss that here. 

Defining “Best”

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your needs is an important and personal decision that only you can make.  It is important to have a clear definition of what “best” means to you. Some criteria to consider might include:

  • Experience. When we initially consider a surgeon’s experience, we may get caught up only in the number of years in practice. This is not where we should stop. It is also beneficial to observe the surgeon’s training and how regularly they perform your selected procedure. If you are considering a Mommy Makeover, it is advisable to ask how many liposuction, abdominoplasty, and breast procedures a provider performs annually, and with what outcomes. 
  • Results. Cosmetic surgery is all about outcomes (and, of course, safety). According to research, prospective patients spend the most time on a practice’s Before and After Gallery. This is a great way to discern a surgeon’s skill level, but not the only way. Patients are encouraged to also read testimonials, online reviews, and even request feedback from current and past patients. 
  • Personality and professionalism. Plastic surgery is a very personal experience. It is important that you feel very comfortable with a surgeon. This is someone with whom you may need to share personal details about your life and aesthetic concerns. The best surgeon for you, then, will be someone you can be completely honest and open with, and in whom you sense genuine caring that will see you through your procedure and recovery process.  

Dr. Kunkel completed some of the most competitive surgical training in the country at the University of Texas Medical Branch hospitals.  Each year the program accepted 8 interns, but only three of those 8 would complete the full training five years later.  Dr. Kunkel was was one of those three to complete a chief residency year in this program. Since 1994, Dr. Kunkel has provided outstanding care here in the town where he grew up, Fort Worth. To schedule a consultation, contact us at 817.335.5200.

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