5 Things to Know About Breast Implant Profiles

You can find a lot of information online about breast implants.  Influencers on Instagram and YouTube might convince you that you just have to use a certain implant.  A lot of women we see tell us they want this implant and that profile.  As a consumer, I totally understand how shopping is done today.  Unlike buying a cute top or shoes, however, you can’t just box up and return the result of your breast augmentation if you don’t like it.  Many of the women we see have questions about breast implant profiles.  Let’s look at 5 things your should know about this.

1. The Basics of Breast Implant Profiles

Image of different profiles of breast implants
(breast implant profiles)

There are 3 main profiles of breast implants.  The ‘profile’ refers to a combination of width, front-to-back dimension, and volume.

  • Moderate profile implants are wider and have less front-to-back dimension (‘projection’) than other implants of similar volume.
  • Moderate-plus profile implants are narrower and have more projection than moderate profile implants.
  • High profile implants are narrower and have more projection than moderate-plus profile implants.

2. High Profile Does Not Mean ‘High’

In fact, in many ways it means just the opposite.  A lot of women I see in my Fort Worth office tell me they want a high profile implant because they want fullness at the top of their breasts.  High profile, however, really means high projection.  They have more front-to-back fullness than other profile implants of similar volume.  They don’t have as much height.  High profile implants are great implants for someone with a narrow chest who wants to have a lot of volume.  They’re not, in my opinion, good implants for women who want to have a more ‘natural’ look.  High profile implants will end up providing less upper breast fullness than similar volume implants of the other profiles.

3. Moderate Profile for a Wide Chest

We try to match the best implant with each person.  In general, someone who has a wide chest might benefit more from a moderate profile implant than a high profile implant.  This isn’t always the case, however.  The wider a woman’s chest is, the wider the implant that will give a better result.

4. There is No ‘Best’ Breast Implant Profile

The reason that we have choices in profiles is because people are different.  Each woman we see in Fort Worth has her own physical features and her own desires.  Placing a high profile implant in one person will produce a different result than if the same implant was placed in a different person.  The key is to hear what the woman wants and to choose whatever profile implant seems like will provide the best result.

5. Don’t Base Your Breast Implant Profile Based on Some Random Internet Person’s Comments

Absolutely.  Don’t get wrapped up in a YouTuber’s video laying out all the reasons she chose a specific profile breast implant.  Same thing with RealSelf.  Those are great platforms that provide information you might not otherwise have.  But, those random people on the internet are not you.  They might wear the same bra size as you, but they’re not you.  They don’t have the same height, weight, natural breast volume, history, and desires.  Come visit with us at our Fort Worth, Texas office.  We’ll make sense of all this and tailor a procedure specifically to you.



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