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Who is the Best Plastic Surgeon in Fort Worth?

It’s a great question.  There are over 30 plastic surgeons in Fort Worth alone, not to mention many others in surrounding communities like Southlake, Keller, Colleyville, Mansfield, Flower Mound, and Arlington.  So, how do you decide who is the best plastic surgeon in Fort Worth?

Look at the Credentials

Don’t get caught up in the slick marketing.  All plastic surgeons market themselves on the internet.  When you find a plastic surgeon who looks good to you, take a good look at their training.  A lot of surgeons market themselves as plastic surgeons or cosmetic surgeons.  They are allowed to do that, even if they did not actually train in a Plastic Surgery program.  If a surgeon only lists himself/herself as a plastic surgeon, that person almost certainly trained in a program accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  On the other hand, a person who markets herself as a facial plastic surgeon may be a great surgeon, but she probably completed an ENT (ears, nose, and throat) training program.  You would have to decide if that is the best person to be doing your tummy tuck or mommy makeover.  

Look at the Experience

Each person has her own idea of what the best plastic surgeon in Fort Worth would be.  It might be that one surgeon gets great results but has a terrible bedside manner and a poorly functioning office.  Another surgeon may have an amazing office staff but get poor surgical results.  Ideally you would find a surgeon who gets great results, has a wonderful personality, and a fantastic office staff.  The best plastic surgeon probably also has a lot of experience doing the particular procedure you’re interested in.  For instance, a plastic surgeon who specializes in repairs of pediatric cleft lips may not have nearly as much experience in doing adult facelifts or cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Does Someone You Know Recommend the Plastic Surgeon?

Photograph of Dr. Kelly Kunkel at the Fort Worth Magazine Top Doctors cocktail reception It’s always nice when someone you know and trust recommends a plastic surgeon.  If all you have to go by is what you see online, it’s hard to know what to think.  It’s more comforting when a good friend, a family member, or one of your doctors has  personal experience with the surgeon.

In Fort Worth, each year two local magazines ask Tarrant County physicians to submit the names of doctors they think are the best in the area.  Each magazine publishes the result in the Spring.  This year marks the 22nd year I have been named a TopDoc by Fort Worth magazine.  It is the seventh year I have been named a Top Doctor by 360 West magazine (they have only been doing the poll seven years).  Does recognition by peer physicians make me the best plastic surgeon in Fort Worth?  Of course not.  But it does represent something, just like not being on these lists represents something.



Who is the Best Plastic Surgeon in Fort Worth?

It is such a personal decision and answer.  You need to feel as comfortable as you can with the surgeon you choose.  If possible, get recommendations from friends, family members, and your personal physicians.  Look at the online presence of a few plastic surgeons.  When you call an office, do you get to speak with a kind, knowledgeable person?  Or do you end up on a phone tree, waiting and waiting?  Visit with two or three plastic surgeons.  You may find the training, credentialing, and awards to be similar, but you just ‘mesh’ better with one surgeon than the other.  There really isn’t one best plastic surgeon in Fort Worth.  But there are significant differences.  Do your research, then make your decision with confidence!

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