Mural at NW 24th and Lee in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Murals – North Main and the Stockyards Area

My appreciation of art is one of the things that led me to become a plastic surgeon.  There’s art all around us, but we often just don’t take the time to see it.  Fort Worth now has a dynamic mural scene.  Sometimes we catch a glimpse of a mural but it doesn’t really register.  I wrote about murals in the W. Magnolia Avenue area of Fort Worth in October 2021.  Not to be outdone, artists have shown their talents on the North Side of Cowtown near the stockyards as well.  Here are some that are definitely worth the drive.

Murals on North Main Street in Fort Worth

This 4 story mural is just amazing!  It’s on the left (west) side of North Main as you drive from downtown to the stockyards.  It’s on the south side of the Springhill Suites Hotel.

Cowboy northside hotel 2
(Spirit, by Dylan Kennedy; at 2315 N. Main St.)

Here are some murals that you’ve probably passed a million times but just didn’t notice:

Martinez Stockyards mariachi mural
(artist unknown; 2251 N. Main St.)
Cowgirl on horse
(by Roger Iker; at 2400 N. Main St)
Cowgirl bucking horse
(by Roger Iker; 2400 N. Main St.)
Cowboy pointing at city
(artist unknown; 2400 N. Main St.)
Rio Interiors mural 2 gauchos
(artist unknown; at Main and 25th St.)
Justin mural in Fort Worth on N. Main St.
(artist unknown; 2601 N. Main)

A little further south on North Main Street is this very colorful building:

Pink mural 'Fort Worth' on North Main Street
(artist unknown; on North Main Street)
Mural of agave plant and ice on North Main in Fort Worth
(artist unknown, on North Main Street)

The Selena Mural on North Main Street

This is an absolute gem, and it’s hidden.  On the east side of N. Main, if you’re driving from the north, you’ll see a tiny sign indicating where the mural is.  The mural is on the back side of a building facing a parking lot.  You should really see this mural.  It’s stunning.  From a plastic surgery perspective, based on this mural, there’s just not much I would have had to offer Selena.

Selena on North Main
(by Juan Velazquez and Brianna Ortiz; at 3308 N. Main)

Hotel Drover and Mule Alley Fort Worth

This area has all types of art on display.  Murals, statues, and different types of art are all around.  Go see and enjoy!  Here are a couple of my favorite murals from Hotel Drover:

Cowgirl playing guitar mural at the Drover Hotel Fort Worth, by Jana Renee
(by Jana Renee; at Hotel Drover)
Cowgirl with microphone mural by Jana Renee at Fort Worth Drover Hotel
(by Jana Renee; at Hotel Drover)

More Mural Masterpieces in the North Side of Fort Worth

This mural is just a couple blocks up the hill on Exchange Avenue but still in the stockyards area:

Hookers Grill mural
(by Calina Mashay Johnson; at 213 W. Exchange Ave)

I usually take these photos on weekends when I’m taking a break from my plastic surgery practice.  Some of these murals are on walls facing busy parking lots.  It’s hard to get an unobstructed photograph unless you go early in the morning.  That’s especially true of the colorful mural shown below.  It’s on Azle Avenue, a short drive away from the stockyards.  This is a spectacular piece of art and well worth a trip.

Mariachi band mural
(Convivio, by Arnoldo Hurtado Escobar; at 2622 Azle Ave)

Here’s another beautiful, colorful mural on a small store near the Convivio mural shown above:

Cow on Azle Ave
(by Sarah Ayala; at 2611 Azle Ave)

Here are a couple gems that “hidden away” in the Northside:

Mario mural at NW 21st and Lincoln Avenue Fort Worth
(artist unknown; NW 21st and Lincoln Avenue)
Violin mural by Juan Velazquez at NW 21st and Lincoln Avenue in Fort Worth
(by Juan Velazquez, at NW 21st and Lincoln Avenue)

There’s a terrific collection of murals on a concrete wall at the corner of Lee Avenue and NW 24th Street.  Here are a few of them.

Fort Worth Skeleton NW 24th
(artist unknown; at Lee Ave & NW 24th St)
Skeleton trumpet NW 24th
(artist unknown; at Lee Ave & NW 24th St)
Skeleton guitar NW 24th
(artist unknown; at Lee Ave & NW 24th St)
Aztec warrior front NW 24th
(artist unknown; at Lee Ave & NW 24th St)
Mural of La Raza in north Fort Worth, TX
(artist unknown; at Lee Ave and NW 24th St)
Mural at NW 24th and Lee in Fort Worth, Texas
(artist unknown; at Lee Ave & NW 24th St)


More Murals in Fort Worth

In the coming months, I’ll show murals from other areas of town as well.  Stay tuned!  On the other hand, if you want to turn something about yourself into a walking piece of art, give my plastic surgery office a call!









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