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Breast Reconstruction – Case 12

Individual results may vary.

Case ID: 3413

Front: Oncoplastic breast reduction for cancer. *Individual results will vary.

Oblique: Oncoplastic breast reduction surgery.

Oblique: Oncoplastic breast reduction surgery for cancer. *Individual results will vary.


This 50 year-old woman had cancer in her left breast.  She was 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighed 202 pounds, and her BMI was 36.  She had large, droopy breasts.  The breast oncology surgeon removed the cancer by doing a lumpectomy.  Dr. Kunkel rearranged the remaining tissue in her left breast and performed a right breast reduction at that operation.  She required radiation of her left breast after the surgery.  Her ‘After’ photograph was taken 4 weeks after she completed the left breast radiation.

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