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All You Need to Know About a Lower Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss

young beautiful woman in underwear sitting on the floor Losing a lot of weight, and keeping it off, is so difficult to do.  If you are one of the dedicated people who have managed to accomplish this, congratulations!  You may have noticed, however, one of the downsides of being so successful…the loose skin.  What to do about that?

Fortunately, a plastic surgery procedure commonly known as a Lower Body Lift (or LBL) can help tighten your skin and restore your body’s contours. In this blog, we will discuss things you should know about a Lower Body Lift so that you can decide whether it is right for you.

What Is A Lower Body Lift?

A Lower Body Lift is a plastic surgery procedure designed to tighten loose skin in the lower half of the body after massive weight loss. It typically involves removing excess skin from areas like  the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs.  A lower body lift is sometimes called a belt lipectomy because skin and fat are removed all the way around the lower abdomen and back.  Like a belt.

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Lower Body Lift?

The best candidates for a lower body lift are people who have maintained their desired weight for at least six months and are in good physical health. People who have had bariatric surgery or achieved their weight loss goals through diet and exercise are potential candidates for an LBL. However, anyone considering this procedure should consult their doctor to determine whether they are healthy enough to undergo surgery.

What Are The Benefits Of An LBL?

Tightening of the skin around the lower abdomen, back, and upper thighs is one of the great benefits of a lower body lift.  But, there are other benefits too.   Many patients have improved posture after the procedure due to tightened abdominal muscles.  Clothes tend to fit better, and look better on the patient.   Contours are generally substantially enhanced.  Self-confidence almost always soars after these procedures.    Of course, results will vary depending on each person’s unique anatomy, desires, and lifestyle habits before surgery.

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