Do I Get to Keep My Nipples with a Breast Reduction?

Women who come to see me for breast reductions have a lot of questions. One of the more common questions they ask is, “Do I get to keep my nipples?”

Most Women Keep Their Nipples and Have Feeling

And the answer that is almost always, yes you do. In most cases probably, 80 – 85 percent of the time, women even keep really good feeling in their nipples with a breast
reduction. There are rare occasions where we have to remove a nipple and put it back on as a graft, but that’s not very common. In over 95 percent of cases in my experience women do get
to keep their nipples.

How Are Breast Reductions Done?

We design the operation to keep circulation coming to the nipple from one or two different directions. We take tissue away from generally the upper outer part of the breasts, the lower part of the breasts, we then move the nipples up to a nice new position, tighten up the lower part of the breasts. The breasts end up looking great!


Women tend to love their breasts after breast reductions. If you’ve been thinking about breast reductions, we would love to see at our office in Fort Worth. Hope to see you soon!

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