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The Ways that Breast Augmentation Can Serve You

Sexy blond woman wear beige lingerie Breast augmentation surgery is the most common procedure performed by cosmetic plastic surgeons.  We see a lot of women for this at our plastic surgery office in the Fort Worth medical district.  Adding volume by placing breast implants increases breast size. Beyond that, there are several things that breast augmentation can do. While the procedure changes the way the breasts look, it has a wider impact on the body and the patient as a whole. Here, we’ll discuss how.


Undergoing breast augmentation can help create more of an hourglass shape for the patient. The curves aren’t just beautiful, they can look very natural by choosing the right implants for your body type. For women with naturally small breasts, an increase in size can do wonders for the proportional balance between the breasts and hips. When considering breast size, it is important to take natural proportions into account. Bigger isn’t always better. The best results don’t come from size alone but from size, placement, and breast implant profile.

A Slimmer Tummy

Some patients combine their breast augmentation with one or more abdominal procedures, like liposuction or a tummy tuck. While these combinations can be advantageous and can achieve more dramatic results, the enlargement of the breasts alone can result in a slimmer-looking tummy. This is a natural illusion created by the additional volume achieved with breast implants.


Women don’t only have breast augmentation to increase volume and shape. Sometimes the use of breast implants helps correct differences in size and shape between the breasts. When one breast is significantly larger than the other, augmentation may involve the placement of two differently sized breast implants, with the larger implant placed in the smaller breast and vice versa.

A Slightly Lifted Appearance

It is important to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon if you are concerned both with the size and the overall shape of your breasts. Sometimes, breast augmentation alone can provide a subtle improvement in the perkiness of the breasts. However, women who have experienced a greater extent of sagging, called breast ptosis, may achieve better results by combining their augmentation procedure with a breast lift.

Curves for the Athletic Body

Women who live very active lives may desire a curvier, more feminine appearance without having to slow down their lifestyle. Breast augmentation can be customized to every body size and shape, which makes it ideal for athletic women who are interested in subtle curve-enhancement. During the consultation for breast augmentation, we discuss modifications that may help minimize interruptions to the patient’s exercise routine.

Intangible Confidence

The physical benefits of breast augmentation also often help set the foundation of something perhaps even more significant, confidence. There is little that feels better than loving the way you look. Whether subtle or more dramatic, the breast augmentation procedure can achieve outstanding cosmetic results that provide years of emotional satisfaction.

Learn More about Breast Augmentation

It is easier than ever to discover what breast augmentation can do for your shape. Using 3D imaging technology, we provide our patients with an accurate representation of their various implant options. To learn more, contact our Fort Worth office at 817.335.5200 and schedule your visit.

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