Breast Augmentation

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Individual results may vary.

Case Details

This 28 year-old 3rd grade teacher from the Burleson – Alvarado – Cleburne area of North Texas wanted to have more shape and fullness in her breasts.  She visited with Dr. Kunkel in his Fort Worth plastic surgery office.  She was found to have a constriction deformity in the lower parts of her breasts.  The lower areas of her breasts looked tights, and the nipples protruded a bit.  After discussing options, she elected to proceed with breast augmentation with saline breast implants.  Dr. Kunkel placed moderate profile implants, filling the right breast implant with 600 mL saline and the left with 570 mL.  She wore a 36C bra before surgery and 36DDD after.  Her result is shown 6 months after the breast augmentation procedure.  *Keep in mind that each person is unique, and individual results will vary.

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