Breast Implant Removal

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Individual results may vary.

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This 71 year-old Fort Worth woman had undergone breast augmentation with silicone implants 37 years before she visited with Dr. Kunkel.  Both breast implants had become firm (“capsular contracture”).  She is someone who likes to hug people, and having firm implants made this awkward.  After discussing the options with Dr. Kunkel, she decided to have the implants and the scar tissue around them removed (“capsulectomy”).  She had enough breast tissue that she did not want to have new implants placed.  Her breast tissue was heavy and low, so she decided to undergo breast lifts at the same time.  The procedure was accomplished at an accredited Fort Worth surgery facility and she went home the same day.  Both of her breast implants were found to be intact; neither breast implant had ruptured.  The ‘after’ photographs are shown 2 months after the surgery; the scars will continue to fade.  She loves her result and is eager to hug people again! *Keep in mind that each person is unique, and individual results will vary.

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