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Individual results may vary.

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This 61 year-old mother of 3 underwent breast augmentation 28 years-ago. She had both implants replaced 19 years-ago when one of them had ruptured. Her breasts had changed over the years and her tissues now appeared to drape off the ends of the implants. She visited with Dr. Kunkel at his plastic surgery office near the Fort Worth Medical District. After learning about the options, she decided to have new saline breast implants placed and to undergo breast lifts. She wanted to be a little larger than she had been, and she wanted her breasts to be softer. Her surgery took place at a Fort Worth hospital and she went home the same day. Dr. Kunkel removed both breast implants and the scar tissue around them (“capsulectomies”). Both implants had 360 ml saline in them. He placed new implants filled with 425 ml saline. To help minimize stretching in the lower parts of the breasts he also placed GalaFLEX soft tissue support matrix material on each side. Breast lifts were also performed. Her result is shown 5 months later. *Keep in mind that each person is unique, and individual results will vary.

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