Jazz musician Leon Bridges mural in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth Murals – Near Southside Area

As new shops and restaurants have sprouted in the Near Southside area of Fort Worth, so too have murals.  This area is about 1.5 miles northeast of my plastic surgery office on 8th Avenue.  The Near Southside is just south of I-30, and west of I-35.  There’s a lot of development taking place.  Check it out, and enjoy the murals while you’re there!

Murals Near South Main Street in Fort Worth

Fort Worth mural at Pouring Glory
(by Kristen Soble; at 1001 Bryan Ave)
Wild Brave and Free colorful mural at Liberty Lounge in Fort Worth
(by Sarah Ayala; at 515 S. Jennings Ave)
Blue and green arrows mural on South Main Street in Fort Worth Texas
(artist unknown; 126 S. Main St)
Hands on South Main
(artist unknown; South Main Street)
You'll Never Walk Alone mural by Jay Wilkinson at 138 E. Daggett, Fort Worth
(You’ll Never Walk Alone, by Jay Wilkinson, at 138 E. Daggett)
Colorful mural of 1920's women at The Ostreum in Fort Worth
(artist unknown; at 108 South Freeway #130)
Vickery and Jennings mural in Fort Worth Texas
(by Kristen Soble and Brooke Collins; at 400 W. Vickery Blvd)
Fort Worth skyline mural on Vickery
(artist unknown; 350 W. Vickery Blvd)

As a plastic surgeon, I spend time making some things smaller, and some things bigger.  If you want to see ‘bigger’ in terms of murals, don’t miss this 5 level parking garage.  It’s just spectacular in terms if size, color, creativity, and scope:

Cosmic Journey mural by Erik "Drigo" Rodriguez in the Near Southside of Fort Worth, TX
(Cosmic Journey, by Erik “Drigo” Rodriguez, at 401 Hemphill)

Murals at the former Shipping and Receiving building

This building is absolutely loaded with wonderful murals.  Here are a few:

Mural of Fort Worth, Texas by Brad Smith
(by Brad Smith; at S. Calhoun St and E. Broadway Ave)
I Am A Man mural by Brad Smith in Fort Worth, TX
(by Brad Smith; at S. Calhoun St at E. Broadway Ave)
Jazz musician Leon Bridges mural in Fort Worth, Texas
(at S. Calhoun St and E. Broadway Ave)

Other Murals Close to the Near Southside in Fort Worth

There are a lot of other amazing murals just a short drive away.  Magnolia Avenue is full of murals; take a look at my previous blog about this area.

Create Change mural by @dnz designz at Black Coffee in Fort Worth Texas
(Create Change, by @dnz_designz, at Black Coffee , 1417 Vaughn Blvd)

The old Ranch Style Beans factory near I-30 is now the home of the Trinity River Distillery.   In 2017 the distillery held a mural design contest.  The winner would receive $1000 of Texas Silver Star whiskey.  The winning design, completed on the large 60 foot x 40 foot area facing the freeway, is shown here:

Trinity River Distillery mural by Colton Canava in Fort Worth, Texas
(by Colton Canava; at Trinity River Distillery, 1734 El Paso St)

I’ve always been fascinated by color and geometry.  These are factors that have influenced my thinking as I have advanced through my plastic surgery career.  These murals reflect some of the great work being done around Fort Worth by so many amazing artists.  I have written previous blogs about murals in other parts of town.  Take a look at these posts about murals in the Magnolia Avenue area, the Stockyards/Northside area  , and the University Drive/Trinity Park area.  Stay tuned for future posts about murals around Fort Worth!

I tend to think of a person’s body as their own unique canvas.  If you’ve ever given consideration to artistically enhancing or changing the appearance of your canvas, give us a call!

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