Girls' Night Out

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

We are going to have another of our Girls' Night Out events this Wednesday, February 8th, from 6 to 8 pm at our 8th Avenue office.  Each of our events, taking place three or four times a year, has a unique theme.  The theme for this event is "Beauty with Friends".  Our aesthetician, Lori Roby, will talk one-on-one with guests about some of the great products and services she offers.  Our clinical nurse injector, Krista Barrington, will demonstrate Botox injections on one of our current clients.  And of course, I will speak a little about surgical options over any number of topics, tailoring the discussion to the women present that evening.

These events also raise money for local organizations that provide special care and services that blend with the needs of many of our patients.  Previously we have donated portions of the proceeds from these evenings to the Joan Katz Breast Center (link:   http://www.wfaa.com/good-morning-texas/Celebrating-the-Opening-of-Joan-Katz-Breast-Center-92340909.html), and the local Komen Foundation ( link:  http://ww5.komen.org/).  For the February 2012 event, the recipient is Cuisine for Healing (link: http://www.cuisineforhealing.org/).  We are excited to partner with these groups.  Sue Austin from Cuisine for Healing will be present Wednesday evening and you can learn all about it from her.

Another terrific local organization that also offers special services to our breast cancer patients is Indigo Yoga (link: http://www.indigoyoga.net/).  Brooke Hamblet Hinkle, Founder and Director, will also be present Wednesday.  Come visit with her to learn about yoga may be of benefit to you or someone you know!

These are not just boring little wine-and-cheese events.  The office staff kind of goes 'over the top' in putting these evenings together.   Come join us and see for yourself.  Bring a friend!  Call the office and make a reservation because, darn the luck, the fire marshal only allows so many people in the building at one time!







And the winner is...

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Award:  a prize or other mark of recognition given in honor of an achievement.

Reward:  something given or received in return or recompense for service, merit, hardship, etc.

       I am fortunate to have been awarded listing in Fort Worth, Texas magazine's Top Docs list numerous times and Texas Monthly magazine's Texas Super Doctors list for five consecutive years.  These lists are created by physicians voting for doctors they think represent the best in their respective fields of medicine.  To me these awards recognize not just the surgical outcomes achieved but also the complete patient experience accomplished in our office.  This includes the level of care patients receive by the entire office staff, from how they are handled when they call the office to the caring attitudes they encounter during their postoperative visits.  Being voted to these lists is an honor that recognizes  complete team involvement, and I am grateful to be part of a great team in the office.

       Perhaps more rewarding, however, are the relationships we develop with our patients.   Having just completed another holiday season, I am humbled every year by the number of patients who bring candy, tamales, popcorn tins and other thoughtful items to the office.  This illustrates, in a way, the relationships developed over time not just with our cosmetic clients but with our breast and skin cancer patients as well.  Awards like being named to Top Docs and Super Doctors lists are gratifying, but the rewards of developing unique relationships with our patients are truly meaningful and drive us in our practice.  Thank you to the doctors who have nominated me to these lists and to the patients who make this practice so remarkable.

(Here is a video of the Top Docs recognition event for 2011; I am briefly shown at the 2:05 mark: Top Docs video )

Coca Cola and Rangers Baseball: Life Tastes Good!

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

My first job was selling Cokes at the old Arlington Stadium, the original home of the Texas Rangers.  Three of my high school buddies and I would carpool out the turnpike, put on our orange stadium uniforms, then hit the stands to make some spending money.  Watching this two year run from the Rangers has been so much fun!  Like Coca Cola, for now at least, It's the Real Thing!  For those of you who might be Rangers fans, here's a video from their most recent ACLS championship celebration:   Texas Rangers Win ACLS 2011


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