COVID-19 Vaccines – A Comparison

Image of the novel coronavirus imposed over a skyline photograph of Fort Worth, Texas

To date (January 2021) there are two COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in the United States. A third is on the way. Here’s a quick comparison of the vaccines.

Let’s Walk Through Your First Ever Botox Treatment

Botox Cosmetic is an FDA-approved drug that was the first of its kind. Doctors and their patients have turned to this cosmetic drug for nearly twenty years now, harnessing its neuromodulating capabilities to reduce wrinkles, lift sagging brow-lines, and generally rejuvenate the face. More than 7 million Botox treatments were administered in 2019. And yet, […]

The Benefits of Liposuction You May Not Know

Liposuction is a procedure than can work great for adults of all ages. While it has been around for many years, there are still some misconceptions about liposuction. For instance, some of our patients ask how much weight they are going to lose when they undergo liposuction. The reality, though, is that this procedure is […]

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Fort Worth: How Much is Enough?

Social media and reality TV have made large buttocks and tiny waists “a thing”.  Before signing up for surgery, though, it’s worth knowing both the good and the bad that come with this.

Facelift Timing: How Can You Know You’re Ready?

Facelift surgery has been performed around the world since the early 1900’s. While people know that they can get a facelift to address the signs of aging, they often don’t consider it right away. Once they begin to wonder if they could benefit from a facelift, they might question if it’s the right time. We […]

Video: Making hand sanitizer using grain alcohol

Liposuction: Say Hello to Your New Sculpted Look!

Psychologists have discovered that one of the things that contributes to a person’s happiness is having something to look forward to. This may be one of the reasons many people approach a program of diet and exercise with a sense of excitement.  They are looking forward to looking and feeling better.  Some people, however, find […]

How Long Will Recovery Be After Plastic Surgery?

You have a job, you have kids, you have a life.  You need  to know what to expect after your cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery.  Plans have to be made.  What can you do after surgery, and how soon can you do it? The answer to the question depends on how you heal.  As a […]

Body Mass Index (BMI) and Surgery

It’s rare that I’ll do surgery on someone whose BMI is over 35.  Why is that, exactly?

Back To Business!

We are open and back to business! While we never completely closed our Fort Worth office, we are now actively seeing people in person (and virtually, of course!) and doing procedures.  Our aesthetics nurse injector, Krista, is doing treatments with Botox and facial fillers like Juvederm and Restylane.  The State of Texas still won’t let […]

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