Who Are The Best Plastic Surgeons In The Fort Worth Area?

There are over 35 plastic surgeons in Tarrant County.  From Colleyville and Southlake in the north, to Mansfield and Burleson in the south; from west Fort Worth to Arlington and Grapevine in the east, there’s likely to be a plastic surgeon’s office within a few miles of your home.  If you add in doctors who […]

I Have a Ruptured Breast Implant. What should I Do?

Photograph of a woman wearing a bra pushing her breasts up

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the U.S.  Almost 300,000 women underwent this procedure in 2019.  Many women find their self-confidence soars after getting breast implants.  However, like almost every other medically implanted device, breast implants won’t last forever.  Saline-filled implants usually last about 13-14 years.  Silicone implants may last […]

Why Do People Have a Tummy Tuck?

Spring is here!  Before you know it, you’ll start seeing great-looking bodies popping up all over town.  Some of these bodies happen naturally, some of them happen after a little help.   I see a lot of people for body contouring procedures in my Fort Worth office.  Since a lot of people are thinking about this […]

Mammograms and COVID-19 Vaccines

Image of COVID-19 coronavirus superimposed over Fort Worth, Texas skyline

New guidelines issued by the Society of Breast Imaging suggest that women should pay attention to the timing of their mammograms in relation to when they receive COVID-19 vaccinations.  Why is that?

The Art of Aging Gracefully

Photograph of a blonde woman looking at the camera

We’ve all seen it.  You know, that person who has “duck lips” from too much Juvederm.  The super-tight facelift.  A 75 year-old woman wearing her tops revealing her firm, overly round breasts.  There are certainly people who want those types of looks, but those aren’t the people we usually see in the office.  There’s an […]

Cosmetic Lower Eyelid Surgery: Time to Pack Those Bags!

Bill Clinton.  If only I could get hold of his lower eyelids!  He’s a person who could really benefit from cosmetic lower eyelid surgery.  It’s pretty easy surgery to undergo, and I find myself wondering why he’s never done it.  I thought I’d spend a few minutes talking about how I do blepharoplasty surgery here […]

Concerns About COVID-19 Vaccine and Facial Fillers

Image of COVID-19 vaccine vials

The body’s immune system is wonderfully complex.  It protects us from all sorts of foreign invaders.  The system recognizes when things we aren’t born with get into our bodies, then tries to isolate, repel, and destroy them.  Fantastic!  We need that to survive. Vaccines are used to boost our natural immune responses.  In the FDA […]

COVID-19 Vaccines – A Comparison

Image of COVID-19 coronavirus superimposed over Fort Worth, Texas skyline

To date (January 2021) there are two COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use by the FDA in the United States under an Emergency Use Authorization.  A third is on the way. Here’s a quick comparison of the vaccines.

Let’s Walk Through Your First Ever Botox Treatment

Botox Cosmetic is an FDA-approved drug that was the first of its kind. Doctors and their patients have been using this cosmetic medication for nearly twenty years, harnessing its neuromodulating capabilities to reduce wrinkles, lift sagging brow-lines, and generally rejuvenate the face. More than 7 million Botox treatments were administered in 2019. While getting Botox […]

The Benefits of Liposuction You May Not Know

banner 166145672

Liposuction is a procedure than can work great for adults of all ages. While it has been around for many years, there are still some misconceptions about liposuction. For instance, some of our patients ask how much weight they are going to lose when they undergo liposuction. The reality, though, is that this procedure is […]

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